Going Green and Hoping for Gold!

Going Green and Hoping for Gold!

Well, after some arm wrestling and late night negotiations The Lambton Legends have decided to go green with our soapbox entry this year. We’re recycling last year’s chassis and it’s been transformed from cool blue to a funky shade of green.

Tony, our Chief Engineer is rather excited at the thought of using bubble wrap to build the soapbox…..

Unfortunately, it didn’t pass our stringent stress testing and was all popped within minutes by passers-by who just couldn’t resist the plastic bubbles and the satisfying noise they make when squeezed between fingers (that’s the bubble wrap not the passers-by!). It’s back to the drawing board on what material we use to create our green goddess of a cart. The short list includes: chicken wire and papier mache; expanding foam; plywood; cardboard; lego; sticks and stones; plaster and bandages; washing up bottles and sticky back plastic; stale bread and glue; unicorn droppings and glitter. Who knows what it will be?!

We’ve had a look at last year’s wheels. Question is, can we re-use them? Possibly, but only if we get them straightened out. They did take a few knocks last year – two speedy runs down the track didn’t help! Anyway, we’ll take a hammer to them and see what we can do to make them serviceable again. If not, I read somewhere that small wheels are sturdy and ideal for soapboxes so we might go retro with something like this:

Alternatively, we could go supersize with these monsters….

Could be a few health and safety issues with this thundering down the track. Think we’d need a bigger van too!

Whatever size wheels we use, they’ll be round and we’ll have four of them. Oh, and they’ll be green! Just about everything will be painted green this year. Eat your heart out Shrek!

Last year our Why Aye Man soapbox boat had just the one seat. A few of the other competitors had two-seaters so we’re thinking we might be copy cats and go with a driver and passenger this year.

We’re thinking with the extra high ramp and redesigned course, that having an extra body in the cart might give a bit more stability as it speeds down to the finishing line. Two people would also double the screams (and swearing!) as the soapbox flies over the ramps! We’re seriously thinking of using neck braces this year – wor Oli practically took off over the Bigun last year. He’s a good lad though and kept the expletives to a minimum as he flew through the air and came down to earth with a bump! The GoPro footage was highly entertaining. Now there’s a thought – two people two GoPro cameras; one facing down the track and one facing up the track. Could make very interesting viewing, especially with the rest of the team following the cart and entertaining the crowd. Anyone remember the buckets of wet foam-rubber fish last year?! Look out for a top performance this year. We haven’t quite sorted out our costumes yet but one thing is for sure – I won’t be wearing my Dad’s old boiler suit and a false beard this year!!

So, what is our theme this year? We’re keeping the details a closely guarded secret ….yes, it will be green is all we are saying! Could we be eco-warriors – use a self-propelled no fuel vehicle and save a dolphin? Or maybe we’re paying homage to the Jolly Green Giant? Or could that children’s favourite, Shrek, be making an appearance? Or maybe we building a miniature Sherman tank is occupying our minds? What is certain, our drawing board is awash with ideas. All we’re saying for now is that we’re aiming to make everyone smile with something they will all recognise.

We still dreaming about gold and that podium finish but, to be honest, if we make people laugh, get the soapbox down the track in one piece with no injuries, then our work will be done.

Wor Karen (one quarter of The Lambton Legends)

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