Soapbox Team’s Big Reveal (Almost)

Fishing for clues?!

Almost two months to the big day and we’re ready to give you all a few clues as to what we’re up to this year….

In the last blog I said we were ‘going green’ and I have to hold my hands up to chucking in a few red herring(ton)s! For those who thought we might be designing an eco-warrior soapbox driven by Shrek….hmmm, well I may have taken you up the garden path on that one – sorry! So to the clues to our champion build for 2019….

Clue Number 1. This is the frame our Chief Engineer, Wor Tony, has been working night and day on (much to the annoyance of Mrs Wor Tony who is still waiting for a long list of DIY jobs to be done around the house).

Any thoughts on what it might be? A Spitfire? The Space Shuttle? A turbo-charged rocket? Remember, it’s going to be green. Still none the wiser?

Clue Number 2. It’s starting to take a bit of a shape now. Helped by papier mache and a hairdryer on full heat.

Any ideas yet? Is that the nose cone of a Vulcan Bomber maybe? Could that be a medieval dalek?! Still puzzled? Read on…..

Clue Number 3 . What famous north eastern landmark can you see from Herrington Country Park?

Clue Number 4 Hmmm, might need a bigger hat (or a smaller heed!)

Ready for clue number five – you’ll kick yourselves when you realise. If you’re northern I bet you’ve sang about our lovely creation on more than one occasion.

Clue Number 5. This creature was a bit of a wrong ‘un and used to scare the good folk of Penshaw….

He had greet big teeth and greet big goggly eyes…..

You must have guessed by now?! No?! Well, here is the final clue….

Clue Number 6……we are The Lambton Legends and we are doing our very own take of a well know northern folk tale….

So have you guessed? If you have, whisht lads (and lasses), haad yer gobs and divvant gan telling wor aawful story!!

Come and see us on the 17th August. We’ve lots of surprises in store. We’re still secretly dreaming of that podium finish but if the wirm makes it down the track twice, no bairns or livestock get eaten, our drivers are left unscathed and everyone has a right good laugh then we’ll be right chuffed!

Wor Karen (one quarter of The Lambton Legends)

P.S. If you still haven’t sussed it out yet (and those from south of Middlesborough and north of Newcastle might be struggling!) we’re re-creating the Lambton Worm (if you’re still wondering what the heck this is, have a look on t’internet!)

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